Chapter 11: The Journalist
By the time I was turning back to try to save the game, it was too late for me. I did not lose my job though, no. I was forced to play this new game. This is what flipped everything and how my story began. Just a few years in power as the Cabinet Minister of Finance, it was time to renew my subscription.

One day, as I was busy in my office working building the Nation, I got a call from one of the very few Cabinet Members we had initiated for office together. It was just a harmless call notifying me of a meeting I was to attend and later a ceremony.

The meeting was scheduled for the afternoon of that day. Since I had a tight schedule for that afternoon, all I did was to request for postponement to evening. He kept me on hold for a while and then he confirmed the postponement. Still, nothing was out of place according to me.

I just assumed that the meeting was very important for all involved to be present. What I never knew was that, that call was a mark for a beginning to the end but
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