Chapter 7: The Perfect Weapon

Indeed, John was prepared to take the Chosen through deploying this Perfect Weapon in the best and fastest way possible. First, they had to know what or who The Perfect Weapon was. Since their discovery of the moles sending them on a wild goose chase, John was not asleep. To prove this, he pulled out a huge file and placed it on the table. Before he opened the file to reveal the contents, he called it, The Perfect Weapon. Each one of them looked at each other wondering how the file was to be The Perfect Weapon and what could be inside.

It was not long after and he got into answering their questions. He opened the file and took the first page. He placed it on the projector for all of them to see as he explained. In this page was the pictures of a few men. Some of these men the Chosen knew while others they knew nothing about. Those few that they knew happened to be top government officials. The rest that the Chosen knew nothing about, they had to let him tell them more about them. The Chosen might have known the government officials but, what they never knew was how they fitted in.

John started his lesson with those that the Chosen did not know. They happened to be wealthy businessmen. How they fitted in was that, they were suspected of massive drug trade. The top government officials were helping them by offering protection. They ensured the drug business went on without problems. At this point, you might wonder how the Chosen had nowhere to start at first yet such a file existed.

To answer this question, a while ago, I mentioned they were top government officials and wealthy businessmen. In other words, they were people no one would dare touch or poke for that matter. Doing this would be like dipping ones finger in boiling emollient. It does not end any well. How then could they be of help? Were they to be this perfect weapon or what was their role? You may ask, just as the Chosen themselves did ask.

Since the lesson was nowhere near the end, John had to answer this question as well. Just so you know, it is said to never wash your dirty linen in public. The government going for these people directly would be doing just that. It was never a good idea and it could never end well. How then were they to deal with the suspected drug lords? He switched it with the second page. This too had pictures of a few men and women.

These too had something in common. In fact, they had two things in common and were about to have a third one. No one else seemed to know these people but John, and he was willing to share. They all happened to be retired army officers. Being retired and having worked for the government were the two common factors. From here on, the rest of the file was about previous top-secret missions. Missions that were carried out by the retired army giants under the commands of the retired government officials except for the last paper.

This had something else. It had the answer as to why these giants were retired despite their many successful missions. It was also the link between the giants on the first page and the retired soldiers on the second page. It also happened to have the key to the Perfect Weapon. The following was the discovery they got from this page. These soldiers had become very successful in doing missions to an extent of becoming a threat to the retired government giants. They were officially off the record.

They were an elite force used by the officials on the first page to carry out top-secret government missions. It was only these officials that knew about this elite force’s existence. At some point, their missions’ objectives started changing and it became the source of problem. The soldiers could not sit back to let it be and therefore decided to do something. They began their action by investigating these officials. It was from this investigation that they discovered their connection to the wealthy businessmen. They had gathered all the information about their business dealings.

The elite force decided to go on a mission to stop the government officials. Before they could stop them, information about their plans reached these officials. To cover their tracks, they retired the whole group and blacklisted their operations. A few weeks later, one of the soldiers was found shot dead on the streets. On hearing this, the others went into hiding and had been on the run since then.

They never knew what had happened and the true reason of being retired. Nevertheless, a soldier is always a soldier. Once they heard one of them was shot dead, they knew things were not good for them. This is when they got suspicions that the officials could have known about their mission to stop them. Their lives were at stake and therefore went into hiding.

Throughout the years, they managed to remain in the shadows. A year ago, John and his team discovered the location of one of them. Since they had already found the file John was using, it was kept secret and nobody else knew about it. These soldiers were the source of this file. It was the information they had gathered about the officials and the businessmen’s dealings. It was for this reason that John and his team could not mention the discovery of one of them to anyone.

These soldiers did not have a clue of this files location but still, they could remember its content. After this entire history lesson from John, it was time for strategizing the Perfect Weapon. Eliminating these giants was the only way to remove the tree by the roots. Since neither the government nor these soldiers could touch these giants on their own, an alliance needed to be formed. This was the work of the Chosen.

Be that as it may, the Chosen could not see to the formation of this alliance without the soldiers. They had to track them down. Since they only knew the location of one of them, he was the one they used to get to the others. They managed to get to him. In order to get him to reach out to the others, the Chosen shared the whole story to him about how they were burned and how their friend ended up shot dead on the streets. The Chosen knew, if they gave the soldiers a chance to take the people that made their lives difficult, they would do the clean-up job for them. They were the Chosen’s Perfect Weapon. Without the big fishes, the small ones would scare away. This way, the Chosen would win the war against drugs.

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