Beginnings of the Modern Mage

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Beginnings of the Modern Mage

By: Blankmarks OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Bullied, forgotten, and unlucky. That is the fate of Nao, a high school junior at the end of his rope. Destined to fade into the background as an average joe. Is this really what life is all about? Is this all there is? Maybe, but who has time to brood when you have a book store to explore. It's here where fate will bend the knee to a new master, the magic game system. How this will affect Nao and the world? Only time will tell.

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57 chapters
The Book
I forgot my umbrella, again. I look towards the gray sky and feel the light drizzle on my nose. I can’t help but chuckle at my forgetfulness but what else is new. I look to the other side of the street to see the smiles of my high school classmates. Even the rain can’t dim their mood. I’ll admire them for that. But only that. Nao: “There are only 2 things that could put a smile like that on my face.”I pick up the pace to my destination before the heavy rain catches me and wets my reward for survival. It takes longer than I would like but I make it to my local bookstore in time. I push open the doors and breath deep the smell of fresh new books. The only reprieve in the town for people like me. I scan the area to see only a handful of people reading or at least pretending to.Nao: “The few that are.”But that’s fine, more worlds to escape to for me. I pace around the fiction section, scanning everything hidden gem and catching titles. But none of them really pop outNao: “I need so
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You’re a Wizard Nao!
I blink once. Everything is okay, I’m back in my messy room and can breathe normally.I blink again. A game screen appears in front of me with my terrible stats. “Hello, Nao. Earth to human.”Nao: “W-Who said that?”“The book in your hands. Call me Arc.”I blink one more time. I’m no longer the side character in other people’s tale.Nao: “Okay, what are you and how will you benefit me?”Arc: “Forward aren’t you? I’m glad my wielder is quicker than 96. As you might have guessed, I’m a system designed to help you become the greatest mage within the multiverse.”Nao: “So I can use magic now!?”Arc: “Only when you wield me otherwise say goodbye to your magic.”Nao: “That’s inconvenient, your heavy.”The book suddenly shrinks and grows chains. Is that a….necklace?Arc: “Number 1 thought of that and enabled this function. Wear me and you can use magic easily.”I place it around my neck and down my shirt. Don’t want anyone noticing Arc. This is mine.Arc: “First order of business, let’s tak
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Vengeful Initiate
I wake up and start to think that everything yesterday was a dream. But the slight headache and necklace assures me that things are going to get better.Nao: “It wasn’t a dream…I’m….not useless anymore.”I breathe a sigh of relieve and get dressed for new day. I place my school books in my bag and get ready for school. Through my door and then down stairs. Nao: “See you mom, I’ll eat school breakfast today.”Nell: “Wait.”I stop at the front and turn back around to see mom still making food in the kitchen.Nell: “Can you check on Alyson? She’s usually up early, I hope everything is alright.”Nao: “…Okay mom, I’m sure the bit-”Nao: “-The angel is alright.”Nell: “Thank you.”I go back upstairs and knock on Alyson’s equally plain door. Nao: “Alyson!”……Nao: “Fine, I’m coming in! I don’t want to be here longer than I have to.”I open the door with a quiet creak and witness this pristine room. I always blown away by how empty this place. Aside from dolls, a bed and work related mate
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The Black List
Arc: “Are you sure?”Nao: “My goal hasn’t changed, this is just the next step. I can do it again.” I open the door to find my sister still in bed with workout equipment all over the place. Nao: “Really, again? I hope I won’t have to come here every day from now on.”Nao: “Wake up!” I rip the covers off of Alyson and I instantly blush. She’s wearing a sports outfit that barely covers her body and fits her so good. I instantly look away and place the covers back on.Nao: “Hell no, not her.” Alyson: “Yeah…slave…lick me…there.”Nao: “The fuc-”Nao: “Wake up Alyson, it’s time to go to school!”Alyson: “Mmmmm…”Nao: “….You good?”Alyson: “Why aren’t you…on your knees…begging for mercy?”Nao: “*Sigh*”Nao: “This is reality, not whatever sick thing you were dreaming of.”Alyson: “….*Blush*….Get out.”Don’t need to tell me twice, I leave her, shockingly more dirty, room. The less I have to deal with her the better I’ll be.I go downstairs to relay Alyson’s current condition.Nell: “Somethi
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Things are Changing
Today is the day! I wake up with a bright smile but that’s quickly turned upside by the pain.Nao: “Wholly crap!”My entire body is on fire and my head is pounding. Nao: “Arc?”Arc: “That happens when you put a lot of points into your stats. You’ll get used to it.”Nao: “It was only 4!”Arc: “4 is a lot when forcing the body to permanently improve. Imprinting the shapeshift spell onto your mind worsens the situation.” My smile returns with the thought that I can change my body freely now. I hurry to swap out acid blast for shape shift. Nao: “So, how do I do it.”Arc: “This is your first time so don’t go straight to 6 feet or make drastic changes.”Nao: “Don’t worry, I still need to live here. I can’t explain rapid changes to my mom. I’ll craft my body into a greek god over months and blame my workouts and growth spurts.”Arc: “Alright, just think about how you would like your body to change.”I close my eyes and think of a less pudgy face, a nice chin and one-inch height growth. 5’
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Nao: “Huh, yes. You want me to recount what happened?”ScanSever:Strength: 20Endurance: 23Intelligence: 14Charisma: 10Agility: 18Holy, he’s way above my level. I…can’t get away from this.Sever: “Good, you know how this goes. Do it.”Nao: “Well he…beat me up behind the school and then left with his friends. I never saw him after that.”Sever: “You look fine despite being beaten up by 3 people.”Nao: “I heal fast and my sister told them not to hit my face or anywhere noticeable. So most of the damage is scattered around my body.”Sever: “I see, mind if I look?”Nao: “Maybe not in the middle of the street. People might think you’re a…you know…”Sever: “…Agreed. Don’t worry, you’re not a suspect anyway. Have a nice day.”The man walked away and life returned to my face. I hope he sees my fear as a reason to not suspect me. My small figure might have helped this time. No one would expect that someone like me could kill three 6-foot seniors.Wait a minute, what about today? People a
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Planning in Progress
Shock and bewilderment all around. I knew this would-Mat: “Cool!”Tallow: “I can’t believe magic actually exists.”Velo: “What kind of spells can you do?”Anthony: “…”Nao: “Slow down, I’ll explain how this happened.”So I did and they listened with bated breath. They hung on my every word like I was really someone special. Ha, I guess I am. But I did leave out what happened with Anton and kept to the story I told Sever. After I finished explaining there was a period of silence and contemplation. I starting to get nervous again, say something.Anthony: “I get the gist. I’m glad to hear you got this only a few days ago. If you had this power for months didn’t do anything...”Anthony: “Anyway, I understand why you hid it until you got stronger.” Tallow: “But it’s a bit disappointed the loser hero we thought beat the bullies against all odds used OP magic.”Velo: “Man, some people are just…lucky.”Mat: “Yeah, this is cool and all but why even show us? I feel…even more pathetic.”No, N
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Heating Up
…Wake Up……Nao……Arthur……Alphon……Wake Up…My eyes explode open and I feel fire boiling my flesh causing me to scream in agony. Blood pours out of my mouth and my lungs burst open only to reform again.This pain is…too much. Why am I going through this? What is happening? Instantly, I feel bugs slithering on my legs and arms, holding me down. Forcing me into the flames.I fight back, struggle, and push away the bugs but their grip on me tightens. Not again, I don’t want to die again. “Nao!”*Door flings open*“What happened?!”“Sorry, he’s just having a really bad nightmare.”More bugs crawl into my mouth eating up the blood flooding it. No, please don’t crawl in there! NO!“Let me through!”No! Not another one! Get bac-“Nao, wake up! Please honey, wake up.”Nao: “Huh?”Another bug consumes my form but it’s…warm. My body cools and the flames subside. The skin that was torn and burnt returns. My vision clears and I see bodies without faces. My eyes slide over to the girl hovering a
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I’m Going To Put a Spell Inside You
Alyson: “Alphon, nice name.”Nao: “Not as good as Alyson but I do like how our names begin and end the same way.”Alyson: “Sounds like you believe in destiny.”Nao: “Not fully, but I understand some things are set in stone. Few things are in our control.”Alyson: “You have a good head on your shoulders.”Alyson: (Nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks like this.)Nao: “So what do you do for fun around here?”Alyson: “I don’t really do fun.”Nao: “Come on, we’re young. If not now then when?”Alyson: (Don’t tell me he’s a party junky.)Nao: “As long as it’s not parties or loud noise I’m fine.”Alyson: (Dodged a bullet there pal.)Alyson: “So what kind of fun are you looking for?”Nao: “Some place I can relax with someone interesting. Up for it.”Alsyon: “When you put it like that, I do have some areas in mind. I haven’t…really been before but there’s a first for everything.”Alyson: (I’ve been letting Nao get into my head too much. I guess I do need a break and this guy seems cool
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Looming Shadows
My eyes slip open to a bright day filled with warmth. I breathe a sigh of relief that the only pain I feel is a slight headache.I complete my morning routine mixed with my daily exercise.*Ding*Points: 10Today is the first real date with Alyson but I don’t know how to do this. Should I call or should I wait?*Ring*It’s Alyson! Guess I don’t have to rip my hair out over this.Alyson: “Sorry if I woke you up Alphon.”Nao: “No, I’m fine.”Alyson: “Are you okay, you sound…different.”Shoot!Nao: “Sorry, morning drowsiness messing up my throat. Give me a minute.”Alyson: “Take your time, I’ll call back in 15.”*Hangs up*Really?! Do I have to live as Alphon even in my room just in case she calls? No, all I need to do is change my upper body. I’m fine, I can do this. I calm down and close my eyes. In a few moments, my face and neck look and hopefully sounds like, Alphon. But it feels weird to look like this without the whole package. Oh well, I’ll play some games until sh-*Ring*Oh,
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