Torn City:  The Almighty System

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Torn City: The Almighty System

By: Silent James OngoingSystem

Language: English

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Lincoln Zane was a poor guy, and even his girlfriend cheated on him because he had no money. He rushed to catch the adulterer, but not only was he humiliated, but he was also almost beaten to death. At the critical moment, he activated the System. Turns out many random people have been awakening this system which gives them unimaginable power or wealth or both but being chosen is completely by luck. Lincoln Zane didn't feel on top of the world when he awaken his system but hey, What will it take to get to the Top?

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Cheater's Bay
It was late at night, and the Randalete street of West Coast fell into darkness. The world was silent.Lincoln Zane had worked all day and was sleeping in the rented room. He was in such a deep sleep that he would occasionally talk in his sleep. In his sleep, he smiled and drooled..."I love it when we're at a party. In a downtown crowd, oh. But I don't hear you calling me baby. With the music blasting, red wine, good times. No, I don't mind being with everyone..."Suddenly, the phone ringing broke the silence of the night. The abrupt sound woke Lincoln Zane, who was sound asleep."Who's the bastard waking someone up with a call in the middle of the night!" Lincoln Zane was furious. As he yawned, he picked up his phone and glanced at it. It was his best friend calling.Before waiting for his friend to speak, Lincoln Zane shouted, "Fatso, why the hell did you call me in the middle of the night? Not only did you startle me, but you also woke me up from my dream. If you don't give me a r
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Lincoln Zane covered his chest and looked shocked at the many burly men. It had only been a few minutes since he had entered the room. He inwardly sighed that the security system of the Heavenly Inn was indeed powerful.However, he really didn't regret it. Even if he had to relive the moment, he would still strike first.A burly security guard emerged from the crowd in an imposing manner. He scanned his eyes across the private room and finally fixed them on Lincoln Zane. He said menacingly, "Kid, how dare you cause a ruckus here? How did you muster such bravery?"Feeling the other party's sinister gaze, Lincoln Zane was petrified. The intense murderous intent the other party exuded was more terrifying than ever. He unconsciously broke out in a cold sweat as beads of sweat slowly trickled down his forehead.Instead of speaking, he simply stared at the burly man and remained cautiously on guard. He knew the burly man wouldn't go easy on him, so he was prepared to strike at any moment.L
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Till Next Time
"The awakening of the Almighty System? How is that possible?" Xavier shouted, his voice trembling with fear.When Johnson and several security guards heard the unfamiliar words, they were puzzled and confused.However, Xavier was no ordinary man. He knew secrets that ordinary people did not.In the West Coast, random people are mysteriously awakening a system in them, in grants them unimaginable power and money. He himself had been hoping he would be chosen by this system but he's been unlucky so farThere were rumours that you could buy the system with money but you'll have to meet with someone that already awoken it; those people are hard to find cause you don't know who has or has not awaken the systemAs for Lincoln Zane, he's sure they are now sworn enemies.At that time, he was seriously injured. He could do nothing as his best friend was being beaten, making him feel deeply helpless. Endless rage surged within him as a violent aura hung over his mind.The anger rushed into his
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The Almighty System
“What the hell was that?” Johnson exclaimed. He doesn't know if he should be scared or happy, either way, his friend just did something impossible. Well, not entirely impossible“I think you've just awoken the system. It's been going around these days. I heard it in in a brothel not long ago. There was this guy also…”Johnson kept on rambling as he was driving but Lincoln gave no response, he was fully occupiedAll of his attention is placed of the words in his sight that only he could see[Welcome to The Almighty System][Authenticating Identity…][Authentication Success: Lincoln Zane, 18, Student, Orphan][Introduction: The Almighty System requires you to complete missions, in return, you'll get unexpected rewards][Mission: Serve Justice. The more you serve justice, the more you get rewarded][Successfully defeated Xavier, reward has been sent to gift storage, open gift storage to collect them]The words in Lincoln's sight were written on a big white led screen, it has an arrow t
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Sir Detective
The fifteen minutes ride started taking forever in Lincoln's sight. He wanted nothing more than to get out of this car. He opened the system again and checked his chat but the guy hasn't replied“Can I run faster than a car yet?” Lincoln wondered “maybe not yet” he responded to himself and waited for the long ride to end. Not long after, the car parked in front of his house “Take care if yourself Johnson, I'll see you later” Lincoln rushed into his room and sat on his bed “Now, let's check you out”Lincoln opened the system and click on [Go to Mission].[To go to Mission you need 1 Transportation scroll][You can only use Transportation Scroll once per week][You have 1 Transportation Scroll, you can get more by completing missions][Are you sure you want to use 1 Transportation Scroll? Yes/No]Transportation Scroll? Where will it take me to?Lincoln was puzzled. He decided to know more about the system before he was transported to somewhere he'll die.Lincoln message another perso
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Sir Detective 2
"Please, I’ll give you anything you want! I will fulfill any request within my power!" Bolton promised him."Sir, please calm down. I have to know what’s going before I can be of aid," Lincoln tried to speak in a manner that matched his identity.In real life, Lincoln had not come across the detective genre.The memories he had gained through the key did not include investigating skills either.Therefore, at the time Lincoln could only imitate books and movies inspired from Sherlock Holmes.He had to imitate almost everything. The way he spoke, the way he moved, everything. It seemed to work on the businessman though.The man calmed down and continued, "Oh my, excuse my manners. I’m too anxious over this! Please understand that my daughter is missing, and as a father, I’m extremely worried," he apologized before he elaborated on the incident, "It was just yesterday morning that we discovered that Arya was missing from this very manor. I was with my wife here, and we asked the maid to
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Case Upon Case
The wagon was traveling very fast.The wheels kept crashing on the ground while Lincoln and Bolton were shaking helplessly inside the cabin. Neither of them talked much.Bolton was worried about his daughter, and Lincoln was thinking about the Mission Worlds."Mission Worldss are created randomly!"Lincoln had asked Evilgenius how the underground game Mission Worldss were created, and Evilgenius had given him a verified answer.Then another question had come up.What if the Inmates entered this Mission Worlds without a skill akin to [Tracking]?The answer was obvious.It was all arranged accordingly at the beginning of the Mission Worlds.When Lincoln had realized this, he had already been on his way to Bolton’s manor on the horse wagon.It was not a free condition. Instead, it was ingrained into the game’s story.No matter what kind of Inmate entered the game, and what strengths or skill sets they had, they would automatically be in that state at the beginning of the story.If the In
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Sherlock Holmes
"I’ll need to hear all the details, from beginning to end!" Lincoln requested as he looked at the simple description of the Sub Mission."Aren’t you looking for Bolton’s daughter? That prick treated every one of our officers like his own servants!" Johnny expressed his dissatisfaction with Bolton.He looked at Lincoln in disdain for a second, but he still revealed everything he knew about the case to him."The body was discovered by a drunkard near the train station just this morning. It had been left there like trash, dumped into a corner. I’ve came across a lot of evil men, but none of them would have treated a dead body like that!"As he spoke about the murder case at hand, Johnny looked frustrated. He mechanically lit up a cigarette, offering Lincoln one as well.Lincoln refused.He told Johnny that he had brought his own smoking pipe.There was no tobacco in it and Lincoln had no matches on him, but he still managed to convince John."Pipes are too messy for me, cigarettes are mo
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On It
Before the hand could reach Lincoln’s coat pocket, Lincoln grabbed it hard and twisted it.The sound of bones dislocating was heard.[Grasping: Overpowered Target by 2 Levels, Inflicted 20 Damage to Target HP, Dislocated Target’s arm...]"Let go! Let go! MY HAND!" the thief screamed in agony.In the face of sheer pain, the thief did not remember to hide his face. He just shouted with all his might, his body kneeling down due to the immense pain, snot and tears covering his face in an instant.The sudden shouts and change of events attracted the crowd’s attention.They even attracted the killer with the hostage and Carl, who had been confronting him.The killer was quicker than Carl though.He pushed the hostage straight into Carl’s face, preventing him from moving forward, and then swung his dagger around madly, pushing through the crowd.The crowd saw the crazy killer with the swinging dagger, and quickly moved out of his way.In an instant, a safe path was carved out through the cro
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Higher Risks
"Sister Mony!" the middle-aged guard greeted the woman with respect.Lincoln could tell that she had not earned that kind of respect because of her age or status as a sister."Leave it to me, Reek," the elderly Sister replied with a kind, warm smile."Yes, Sister!" Reek took a bow and walked away.As he passed by Lincoln, his eyes were full of warning.He did not go far though. He stopped just beside the school gate and stood guard there.Lincoln was sure that if he behaved inappropriately towards the Sister in any way, Reek would rush over in a flash and pull out his gun without a second thought.His immense awareness said it all."Reek has no hostile intentions. He is a responsible man, it’s just that at times he can be a little... reckless," the Sister explained to Lincoln with a kind smile.She had the same expression she’d had when she’d talked to Reek, as if Lincoln and Reek were the same person to her.Her attitude made Lincoln feel a little uneasy.He could not have done it, s
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