System Extermination Of Monster

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System Extermination Of Monster

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Meteors hit the earth and unleash destructive monsters. Suddenly the selected humans got an extermination system. Humans who receive the gift of the system must protect other humans from attacks by increasingly crazy monsters. But can they defend the earth from looting monsters?

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  • Sarah Nurlatifah


    The story is really cool and thrilling and I'm curious about how it will continue and how the struggle of Agah and his friends will end to protect the earth and humans from alien investment. Cheer up author!

    2024-06-12 19:33:18
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18 chapters
1. Strange Extraterrestrial Creatures.
Dwaar!There was a huge, terrifying sound, coming from a hill in the southern part of the city. A rock bigger than a tall building hit the hill. And the big rock turned out to be a meteor.A meteor suddenly fell in the mountains near a residential area but strangely the meteor did not destroy the entire village even though the meteor was bigger than a building, people flocked to find out what happened in the mountains after a foreign meteor hit it.The large rock with fire all over it is an image of a meteor that has just landed."Look at that!" Someone shouted which immediately attracted everyone's attention to look at the sky which was already dark because it was already afternoon.Many meteors crossed the boundary between heaven and earth and immediately loud booms were heard from various directions.Not long after, the sound of evacuation sirens sounded loud, causing residents to scatter away from the meteor, but it was too late. A strange creature from inside the meteor began to
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2. Mana the Greater One
It had been more than two hours since Agah remembered seeing a transparent blue screen, several times in his hand holding a strange object that had been lying in front of him since the beginning. Agah tried to understand the foreign object. The environment is starting to become conducive, but there is a lot of damage. The villagers looked scared, panicked, crying, and angry, and all the emotions visible on their faces were all Agah could see before looking for a safe place to analyze the object that looked like a system."Brother, what are you looking at?" Adora asked curiously making the little girl climb onto Agah's lap."Here, what didn't you see?" Agah asked again.Agah looked back at the board which turned out to be a system. A system that displays data and body condition but there is something strange, in that system there is an ability, and Agah's ability is a controller of steel, copper, and gold."It's not good to answer a question with another question," said Adora, making
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3. Hidden Power
Agah fell backward because he was so shocked by the bright light, soon Agah could see an arc in the middle of the light which was starting to fade."Older brother!" Adora shouted, immediately hugging her sister tightly and continuing to cry loudly."Arrow?" Agah thought as he looked back and looked at the roof of his house.Up there, stood a long-haired woman with a bow staff in her hand but Agah saw signs that the woman was about to fall right on top of him."Adora, be careful!" Agah pushed Adora's small body and immediately caught the woman's body. When the woman fell, the foreign creature in front of Agah fell with an arrow still stuck in her chest.The woman's face was really pale, making Agah even more panicked."Did that girl run out of Mana energy?" said Agah, who immediately lowered the woman's body carefully near Adora, and intended to take mana from the monster's body.After getting a lot of mana, Agah immediately gave the red object to the woman who was now lying helpless i
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4. God's Pocket.
Agah was stunned when he saw a red aura surrounding the girl in front of him while the aura he had was blue. Ah, he forgot not to ask what the girl's name was."What's your name?" Agah asked without taking his eyes off the creature that was now running towards them.The girl floated in the air which suddenly made the arrows and bow shine brightly."Sania, that's my name," after saying that, Sania immediately released an arrow in her hand which immediately felled a large creature. "That creature is mine!" said Sania who was now breathing air again to make new arrows.Agah was amazed enough, now it was his turn to take the luxurious Mana. Agah swiftly released more and more magical aura, and fortunately, the Mana he obtained previously was large enough to strengthen his strength.Agah manages to blow up more objects than ever before with great force. Agah stabbed a very large creature with a height of two meters, but not enough to penetrate its entire body. Agah drew his sword until it
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5. Orders from the Center
"I'll go first," said Sania suddenly.Agah looked at the girl and asked, “Where?”"Looking for my parents," answered the girl casually. Now Sania's face is not as cruel as before and is starting to look calm."It's such a mess here," said the girl while looking around them which was full of green creatures everywhere."Parents," thought Agah, suddenly remembering his parents who had died several years ago, they left behind a lot of property and a large house, they also left behind Adora, who was now his responsibility.Agah knows how it feels to lose, but if Sania sees her parents' absence, what will happen? Especially now that strange creatures suddenly attack humans."Were they?" Sania muttered softly and poked the large creature's body."Don't you intend to stay here?" Aga asked.Sania stood up and took a deep breath."I know what you're thinking, but I still have to check." The girl turned around and saw the man's face, "I just wanted to make sure," said Sania then looked away."
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6. Dying Girl
“We know you have received the blessing of the system,” said one resident.There were enough of them that Agah's living room was full. Agah decided that they could come in and talk.“Military assistance is coming, so wait calmly,” Sania said with a calm face.Agah felt that he also had to do something, the man slowly lowered Adora from his lap and whispered something to the girl.“Can you go to Big Brother's room first and have a look? If there are other creatures around, you must immediately tell Brother," said Agah, looking at his little sister's little face.Agah knows Adora is still scared, but right now no one can ask for help other than Adora even though there are many people around, Agah can't trust them yet. But even so, Adora nodded her head. One of the girls Agah's age happened to hear what they were talking about, and offered to accompany Adora. Even though he was doubtful, Agah allowed it. In the current situation, it would be better to have friends.“How can we calm down
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7. Latest Alerts from System
Agah smiled when he heard the girl's happy scream.“Choose whatever you like. Now come with me," said Agah.The girl also stood up and would have accepted Agah's outstretched hand if the sound of the people's screams had not diverted their eyes.“Aliens are coming!” Some residents shouted.Agah immediately took the girl's hand and took her to the front of the house. Agah widened his eyes in shock because he saw the bloody fight between Wisese and a very large horned creature."You go there first!" Agah gave the girl to one of the residents."I will help!" the girl shouted solemnly.Instead of stopping, he chose to focus on gathering his aura and brought several metal objects to help Wisese.A single earthen fork pierced the creature's heart stopping the fight between the Wise. Wisese's body had been torn apart and a sword lay nextto the man's body.Agah was silent, feeling like a failure because he couldn't save Wisese. Wisese's body was so mangled with his hands and feet torn off a
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8. Become a Monster
After a moment of silence, the light from the meteor dimmed. Agah, whose position was already close, slowly approached the meteor which had lost its light. A door made of hot stone lay on the ground."What's that?" Agah muttered after seeing a bright ball of light from inside the meteor.A medium-sized ball floats on a hand-shaped rock.The lights are blue, red, and yellow.Agah held a large earthen fork and pointed its tip at the circle of light. However, after being in there for so long, Agah was never attacked or saw the troll-shaped creature. Agah slowly entered the meteor, but the door was still open.“The light was very dazzling and beautiful,” he said. Agah looked closer and it was clear there was something strange coming from inside there.Sania approached out of curiosity and entered the meteor. The beautiful light from the ball caught Sania's attention."What's that?" asked Sania.Agah turned around and shrugged his shoulders."I also do not know. But look!”Agah pointed to
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9. Monkey Monster
Even though she was confused, Sania immediately looked for trousers and other clothes according to Agah's request. After finishing dressing, Agah came out of the meteor which was now confirmed to be dead.One meteor has been deactivated, but they don't know how many meteors have fallen nearby.“Did you just see the red dot moving? Don't you see another red dot?” asked Sania.Agah shook his head, then shrugged his shoulders, "I was too scared, and I only saw the earth's coordinates as the main point," explained Agah as he walked beside Sania.He couldn't possibly tell about the ball of light he had just eaten and turned Agah into a terrible monster like before. Just imagining it made Agah shudder.They returned to the settlement where the residents were. Wisese was still on guard, his cold gaze greeted Agah and Sania. Agah immediately picked up her sister and hugged the little girl, then rubbed Adora's head when she remembered the terrible incident that had happened earlier.Agah looke
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10. Lose 1
"Damn system!" Agah shouted.Everyone has entered the house except Agah, Wisese, Georgina and Sania, the players will be on guard outside.It was still daylight and the air was still cold against their skin, but the monsters continued to come.Agah's eyes turned blue, like the color of his aura. Agah's gaze caught a large figure in the back row of the little monkey creatures. Monkey Boss with a sword in both hands and four eyes on that scary face."He's the boss," muttered Agah. Agah has found the location of the Boss that they have to destroy. However, Agah's eyes saw that they were about to blow something on the bamboo and a number of small needles shot towards them."Watch out!" Agah shouted. Suddenly the three other players immediately got ready.Quick!"Agh!" Sania shouted as an arrow stuck into her upper arm, "Damn it!" Sania shouted. Sania was about to withdraw the light arrow but her eyes turned heavy and a system suddenly came before her.-Player Sania was hit by a monkey poi
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