Wrath of the Invincible Billionaire Heir

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Wrath of the Invincible Billionaire Heir

By: Klever Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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"Look into my eyes and say you never knew me." Vincent's voice was laced with pain as he spoke. And without a single change in her facial expression, Elizabeth went ahead to say it. "I can never know a pig in human form." She didn't spare the words that pierced through his heart. This is the story of Vincent, a young student once floating in fame until the eventual death of his father. All the properties of his father were taken away by his evil uncle and he was made to live in the street. And as though that was not enough, he caught his girlfriend cheating on him publicly with the school's billionaire prince, Richard, swearing that she never knew him. Vincent had his heart broken and when he thought that it was all over, fate beamed a bright light on him. It turned out that his father had seen the future and left the biggest consortium in the city in his name. He was no longer the poor student who would beg and do odd jobs just for a meal, he was now the most powerful person in the city. And all his enemies crumbling on their knees.

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97 chapters
Chapter 01
"Yeah fuck me." The video continued to air throughout the hall school as students laughed at it.Vincent's teeth were gritted with irritation as he stormed by his scooter thinking about how a group of students would want to make their sex life viral just in the name of wild celebrations.But it wasn't unpopular in school. He stormed around in his scooter, delivering the student's package throughout the school."That was his means of survival."Vincent drew a really deep breath at the last delivery. Right now, he would have enough time to go and see his girlfriend Ella.Bringing his cell phone swiftly out from his pocket, he placed a call across to her, the ring that he had prepared still clutching in his pocket.The cell phone rang multiple times but there was no response from the other end. He drew a really deep breath about returning his cell phone to his pocket."Maybe Ella is just busy with schoolwork?" He reminded himself.It was their final year in the University so it was under
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Chapter 02
The words streamed out of his hearings, the wall around his world crumbling and his Jaws far apart with so much shock."I must have heard wrong." He assured himself that Elizabeth could never do such to him.But the next words that she spoke ripped his heart into numerous pieces. "But it seemed as though we had crossed paths somewhere. But I can't remember." She added once again.Vincent opened his mouth to speak but there was pain in his eyes and his words soon disappeared into wild stutters."You don't know your boyfriend?" A slight chuckle that expressed his inner grief escaped from his mouth.More blood pumped out from his nostrils, chatter going wrong through the crowd who couldn't get enough of the drama that was going on in the place."You fool. Do you wish that you were her boyfriend? Have you become so delusional already?" Richard could not help but stare in amusement.But his words were fixed on Elizabeth, staring at her right into his eyes."I thought that today was going t
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Chapter 03
He tried to wrap his head around the events that were going on right before him. He wished that it was true, that he was the Young master of some Consortium but he knew that was so not possible."I think you have gotten the wrong person" He replied with a stale look on his face."I am as good as nobody." He finally admitted his mistake once and for all."Young master Vincent. I know that this is so sudden but just come with me and I am going to explain everything to you." She said,As much as he wanted to reach out to her and come with her, he knew that there was certainly no use in doing that since it was going to lead to the same thing.He shook his head instantly with a pause and continued his walk out of the vicinity."There is no use of that. We should not waste each other's time." He finalized and was leaving.But she said a word that made his feet meet with a sudden pause."Don't you want to know what happened to your father?" She said, making him come to an abrupt stop.The wo
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Chapter 04
There was one question in his head that needed to be answered and that was the question of the net worth of his company.Turning around towards Anna, he could not help but open his mouth to inquire."What's the network of the company?" He finally inquired, curiosity sprinkled all over his voice.There was a sudden pause in the air as he waited patiently for a response from him."I think ten trillion dollars as at the last time I inquired from the general accountant. It might have increased." She explained to him.His eyes bulged out from his eye socket at the sound of the words almost immediately as he could not believe what he just heard.His heart was already beating hard against his chest as though it was going to burst through.Random thoughts ran through his mind as to how powerful he had become so suddenly."I will leave you to rest now, young master, you have a lot tomorrow." She noted with a slight bow, walking away slowly from the place.Getting into the clothes seemed way to
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Chapter 05
"You will have to leave this place right away." Her words spoke of the hatred that was brewing deep inside her.But if there was anything that was not going to happen, it was leaving that place without getting what he wanted."And what if I decide not to?" He glared back, already getting tired of her ranting."You know what, I should be the one angry at this point. I want to see the manager right away." He said fearlessly but she only chuckled almost immediately..."And what makes you think that I will walk over to his office and be oh sir, a great personality who is enough to buy the mall but cannot feed himself here?" She replied with every hint of mockery in her voice."Leave right away or I am going to have to make you leave me."Vincent stares right into her eyes without a single trace of fear. His stance was his stance and no one was going to change it."Make me leave," Vincent growled back and his words got him even more angry than he was already."Then I will do it with due pl
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Chapter 06
There was a tense air around as everyone didn't realize what was going on."So thoughtful of you Ms. Anna." She said with a smile on his face.Mr. Max shivered right on the spot where he was standing. He had always anticipated the day that he was going to meet with the heir.And now, it turned out that he was meeting the heir in the worst situation ever.His eyes sped over swiftly to Mirable as he could not contain his anger, swiftly hitting his lower lips and yelling in his head."Just see what you have done, fool. And I was already working my way out to getting a promotion." The thoughts clouded his mind.---"Mr. Max, as I held you were called. Here is the pass. Are you still going to consider getting the police even after seeing this?" He inquired with a nonchalant expression on his face.Ms. Anna's face flooded with so much confusion, trying to get a grasp of what she just heard.But no matter how hard she tried to wrap her head around what exactly was going on.Her heart raced m
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Chapter 07
"Was it a prank or she might have heard wrong?" Mirable was still finding it difficult as a young master."Please forgive me, young master. Please, I promise that I am going to do anything." She kept on pleading and the act got him even more confused than he was already.His eyes were farrowed and he muttered under his breath."Is there any way to do it apart from what I just did?" He inquired.Ms. Anna turned around towards him and said. "Sir Vincent, are you serious about this?" She inquired equally confused as well.Everyone expected him to change his stance and reveal his true intentions but it didn't seem as though he had any apart from what he just said.He nodded his head and her eyes bulged out from her eye sockets."But why young master? After everything that they had done?" She could not help it but inquired, still baffled at the words."She was only acting ignorant. There is no need to exert so much strength on taking revenge. It's so not Worth.""There are only three peopl
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Chapter 08
His eyes paired down and he noticed that it was the stunning lady that had been standing right before Vincent, Jane.She brought down his hand and collected the glass of wine from him, putting it back on the table.“How dare you speak to the heir in such a manner? Have you no respect?” “You could’ve been put behind bars if you you had spilled as little as a drop of that drink on his suit” Jane said calmly with a very serious look on her face“By the way that suit you just called fake, is worth all the cars in your Father’s garage combined”“How da…Do not interfere!” Elizabeth was about to speak before she was aburptly interrupted by Jane.Suddenly Richard burst out into an uncontrollably loud laughter as everyone else followed suit.He continued to laugh out loud for a while, holding his belly until the effect of Jane’s words slowly died down.“Being the heir to the janitor's closet is certainly not a position you should be flaunting around in such vicinity” he said sarcastically.“An
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Chapter 09
He let it ring the first time thinking that the caller might have made a mistake and would not resend the call.After a short while, it rang again and this time he picked it up furiously wondering who it might have been that was bent on disturbing his sleep that very early in the morning.As soon as he got a hold of his phone, he hissed and rolled his eyes upon realising that it was just his alarm.A few days before Anna rescued him from being crippled by Richard’s bodyguards, his routine for the past few years had required him to wake up very early in the mornings for deliveries.He took up the mid-morning shift and the day shift at the delivery services due to the fact that he was desperate to make ends meet.He dismissed the alarm and sat up, realising that he couldn't fall asleep anymore.“Man, this delivery job has really messed up my sleeping routine” He thought to himself as he scratched the back of his head, yawning with his mouth wide open.Now that he was fully awake and he
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Chapter 10
This brought her back to her senses upon realising that it was her phone’s ringtone.As she picked up her phone while staring at the screen, the look on her face suddenly changed into a serious one.Before picking the call, she composed himself and cleared her throat.“Good morn…. There's absolutely nothing good about the morning, keep that to yourself because you're fired!”Ms. Jefferson froze with her eyes widened in shock as she began to sweat profusely in the air condition filled room.Immediately she realised what she had done to herself, she was so furious that she had stabbed herself with her own knife as all her actions backfired.Without thinking twice, she got down on both knees and began pleading with Vincent, not minding her ego or her reputation if anyone were to mistakenly walk in.After she had genuinely apologised and pleaded for a while, he took pity on her and placed a call across to the boss asking him to give her back her job.She eventually retrieved her job but s
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