Chapter 1420 Children's Union

Beto gets up, worried about William's bad fall from his chair. William is sprawled on the floor with his injured knee.

“Ow, ouch...” William tries to get up.

“Will, why did you fall like that?” Beto tries to help him, “What I said was no big deal.”

“How not?” William hobbles to another chair, “What you hold in your hands is golden information!”

After William sits down, Beto takes a deep breath and starts to speak, “Well, that's the truth. Rosemary is not my daughter, only Pedro.”

“But why did you marry Pamela?”

Beto realizes that William doesn't know the whole story. Has he forgotten? Or did Josias not tell him?

“I was in love with her at the time and found out that Wallace was trying to win her back. When I took on parenting, Wallace backed off and remained engaged to Vera.”

“After so much confusion, Wallace still loved Pamela and intended to leave your sister planted at the altar?” William is surprised.

Beto revolts, “Yes, I also thought it was absurd! So, in addition to having Pame
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