Chapter 1421 I Can't Do It Anymore

Following day. Melissa walks into Rocha Constructions and finds Carmen happy with her pregnancy. She is standing sorting the mail.

“Hello, Carmen! Is there still time to congratulate you?”

“Melissa!” Carmen turns around and the two hug, “Sure, thank you very much. Finally, it happened.”

“Tiago has certainly heard jokes about him being sterile.” Melissa giggles, “His honor has been restored.”

“Anyway, how can we help you?”

“Is Josias here? We need to talk about our children.”

“Yes, he came to the office early. You can go there."

“Thanks. I recommend you to Dr. Silvana, she is the best.”

Carmen nods; she has already had her first prenatal exam with her.

Melissa enters Josias's room and finds him with Ernesto.

“Today you have a meeting with the current mayor, sir, to discuss another construction related to the housing project.”

Melissa interrupts them, “Another housing project, Josias?”

The gentlemen notice Melissa's presence.

Josias smiles at her, “Yes, Melissa. We have many projects fo
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