Chapter 1486 Evicted from the Hotel

Uélton catches Melissa off guard by asking point-blank if she still loves Josias. Melissa turns to the new stereo and turns it on. The song “Anytime you need a friend”, by Mariah Carey, translates what Uélton came to do.

“I still have feelings for him, Uélton.” Melissa eventually admits, “But I wouldn't call it love. If I really loved Josias, I would have forgiven him.”

“And now, don't you think you failed not to forgive him?” Uélton sits on the sofa.

Melissa frowns, “No... he cheated on me twice, Uélton, and he's going to marry one of his mistresses. I think I would be more relaxed if Josias were with another woman.”

Uélton speaks as if he were a fan, “If you still love Josias, run to him and say that, girl! In time he will send Angela back to Capital. He got rid of the crazy Bezerra.”

Melissa smiles in pity at Uélton, “Uélton, you are a good friend, thank you for cheering me up. But we need to be realistic. I don't know if Josias still has feelings for me.”

“I can guarantee you one
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