Chapter 1509 A Family of Freaks in Love

The next day, Dora is mopping the living room floor while humming the song “Lifted” by Lighthouse Family. Simeon passes her and likes to see his wife calm.

“How nice to see you in a good mood, my love. Did something happen? Will found another decent girl?”

“I think that will take some time.” Dora giggles, “I talked to Carmen and Cristina yesterday. We were right, honey, there was no christening for James on the day of Melissa and Kelvin's engagement.”

Simeon gets upset, “And what did they say in their defense?”

“They were embarrassed to show up because of Pamela.”

“Oh, but what happened wasn’t—”

Dora stops cleaning and smiles, “Here we have to be patient, my love. The idea came out of Cristina’s mind.”

Simeon is a little upset, “Now I understand their guilt.”

Dora smiles again to smooth things over, “Finally, we forgave each other. Pamela is no longer with us and Cristina learned her lesson. We will be friends again and everything will be fine.”

Dora opens the door for the wind to dry
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