Chapter 1525 I Will Triumph

The next day, Melissa is standing in the living room of the Mountain Penthouse, waiting to be answered by phone. The radio sets the room with the song “You Are Not Alone”, by Michael Jackson.

At the Rocha mansion, Lilian answers the call from the hallway, “Hello?”

“Lilian, long time no see. This is Melissa.”

Lilian smiles, “I recognized your voice, madam. Do you wish to speak with Master Josias?”

“Actually, I'd like to talk to Angie. Is she there?”

Josias walks past Lilian and she holds out the mouthpiece to him, “Sir, Melissa is on the phone.”

Josias more than quickly picks up the mouthpiece, “Hello, Melissa!”

Melissa is startled when she hears Josias's powerful, magnetic voice, “What is this? Is Angela taking male hormones?”

Josias laughs, “You fool, it's Josias. What you order?”

Melissa smiles friendly, “I'm not in charge. I wanted to talk to Angie about the wedding.”

“Angie is deservedly at a spa they opened in Sunset Village,” Josias responds smiling.

“Soon we will be spa compani
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