Chapter 1538 Don't Bother to Show Up

Alan enters the library where Josias continues to check the Economic information about Brazil and the World.

“Dad, how are you?”

Josias smiles, “Hello, son. How is school?”

“Very good, I'm learning to conjugate verbs. How hard...”

Josias strokes the firstborn's head, “You've got to work hard, son. When I was your age I also got excellent grades.”

“OK. And the wedding, are we still invited?” Alan suddenly asks.

Josias is displeased with the idea, “Who told you you're not invited?”

“I heard Angie leaving for work mumbling against the Campos family. I am Campos family, right?” Alan asks innocently, or not.

Josias hugs Alan, “You are part of the Campos family and the Rocha family. No one will deny you that, dear son. Your mother has confirmed her presence at the wedding and I demand that it be so.”

Alan smiles, “OK, I'm more relaxed. Sometimes I think you and Mom could get back together, especially now that we're back in the penthouse.” Alan breaks the hug, “But I don't hate Kelvin, I lik
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