Chapter 1539 Boycott

Angela gets very upset when she sees more people commenting against her.

“I don't believe it!” She closes the door with a bang, “What's going on here, a riot?”

Vânia gets up, “Angie, take it easy.”

“I won’t calm down!” Angela yells furiously, “Did you all decide to listen to the damn prophecy and interpret it as Uélton wants?”

Isabel takes offense, “Don't mention my son, miss! If you are so bothered by this, it’s because deep in your heart you know that you are wrong to marry Josias. He was already married and you sullied their marriage bed.”

Angela's eyes widen, “But you're just throwing that in my face now?”

Vânia asserts, “We didn't speak before because we were kind and because Josias chose you as his wife.”

“Exactly, and you will have to accept me in this company and my husband's personal life! Including my son David, who will be the heir and future president of Rocha Constructions!”

“This is not true!” Shirley butts in, “Isn't the future president the eldest son?”

“I'll fix it.”
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