Chapter 1545 What about Kelvin?

Angela is catatonic for a few seconds to understand the plot twist in her life.

Who showed up for the bachelorette party was... KATHERINE?

Katherine kept a mocking smile and craned her neck to see behind Angela, “The foyer is empty... are they all in the ballroom yet?”

Suddenly, Angela wakes up from her stupor and screams like a possessed person, “GET OUT, GET OUT!”

Katherine predicts that her rival will close the door and steps forward, pushing Angela and entering the Rocha mansion, “What a beautiful palace, dear! You hit the lottery, huh?”

Angela is crying in despair, “What did you come here for, how did you find my address?”

Katherine turns to her with more mockery, “My dear, your mansion has been described in Maggiezine, everyone knows where you live! I took a taxi and the taxi driver knew the address by heart. You are not as exclusive and lonely as you thought. But, are we going to the party?”

Angela is forced to admit, “Nobody arrived!”

“Where are your guests?” Katherine holds b
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