Chapter 1551 You Better Be a Photographer

Josias walks through the Rainbow Garden house under construction. Uélton's battery-powered radio sets the mood of the construction site with the song “Earth Song”, by Michael Jackson. Some masons try to hum the song without the slightest knowledge of the English language, but what counts is the animation to work.

Josias doesn’t join the relaxed atmosphere of the construction site and continues walking with a frown until he finds Uélton precisely with Jock in the room that will be one of the bedrooms.

“Hello, buddy!” Uélton greets him as if the ill-fated bachelor party didn't exist.

“Good day, sir.” Jock greets him respectfully, “What envelope is that?”

Josias holds out the envelope, but not close enough for one of them to pick it up, “Here are the pictures Jock took inside. I recognize that they turned out well, Uélton. I think you should specialize in photography.”

Uélton narrows his eyes, “I already specialize in electrical engineering.”

“Really?” Josias asks in a strange tone.

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