Chapter 1566 Saw Mom With Another Guy

Uélton is disconcerted when Reuben inadvertently repeats the forbidden nickname. He crouches down and looks his son in the eye, “Reuben, when Uncle Wallace shows up, don't repeat the cursed nickname.”

“Why?” Reuben asks innocently.

“Because Uncle Wallace won't like it.” Uélton taps his head.

“OK, I thought he liked it.” Reuben smiles at him.

Uélton gets up. Flavia realizes that he still has more to say.

“Reuben, wait for us outside.” She commands the child. After Reuben leaves, she adds, “It's not just because of the nickname that you're like this.”

“Of course not, honey.” Uélton closes the living room window, “I worry how Wallace’s return will affect our son’s life.”

Flavia smiles, “It won't affect negatively. Wallace has certainly learned from his mistakes, and the two wretched women are living in the capital.”

Not knowing what is happening in the Chaves family, Uélton comments with an ironic smile, “Have you ever thought if Pamela returns with the lame excuse of wanting to see Rose
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