Chapter 1565 We're Leaving Too

At night, Igor Bento's farewell party is about to begin.

Tiago walks around the room decorated with a poster on the wall that says “Goodbye, Igor!”. The sofas were pushed into the corner and the kitchen table was moved to the middle of the living room. In it, a cake and various goodies are spread out for guests to serve themselves.

The owner of the house turns on the radio and the song “This Ain’t a Love Song” by Bon Jovi brings the atmosphere to life.

Carmen approaches with another platter of pecan cookies, “Not Shirley's cookies, but I think people will like it anyway.”

Tiago smiles and hugs his wife from behind, “Thanks for the dedication.”

“All for my brother-in-law's well-being.” Carmen sets the tray on the table, “He's going in search of happiness.”

Tiago sighs, “He's going to reconnect with Stacy and maybe get married... while Marcelo remains behind bars.”

“Sometimes I forget about your little brother.” Carmen breaks her smile, “Darling, isn't there any danger of Marcelo gettin
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