Chapter 1575 Melissa and Kelvin get married (3)

Outside the church, the volunteer gardener watched a 10-year-old car pull up awkwardly on the sidewalk, violating traffic laws.

Gustavo and Angela run away. Gustavo was still wearing casual clothes while Angela tripped over her black dress and high heels, wanting to run as fast as possible.

“Calm down, Angie! If you trip and fall, I'll laugh, huh?”

“Shut up, Gus! Help me, I need to get to the ‘Forever hold your peace’ part!”

Gustavo, instead of hurrying, freezes his steps, astonished, “Why do you want to interrupt the ceremony? I thought you wanted to talk to Josias!”

Angela rolls her eyes impatiently, “Just help me, Gus, JUST HELP ME!”

Gustavo snorts but takes Angela's arm to help her not fall.

When they climb the stairs and enter the nave, indeed, it is in the part that Angela wants.

“And if anyone knows of anything that could prevent this beautiful couple from coming together, speak up now, or forever hold your peace.”

Everyone was reassured that nothing would happen, until...

“I O
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