Chapter 1588 Can't Spill the Beans

Angela can't seem to get out of the mess she's gotten herself into. She thinks that no one is aware of her involvement with William's car theft, which only makes it more embarrassing.

William smiles evilly and is amused, “Don't worry, you crazy girl. We already know the idiot just wanted to protect you.”

Angela shakes her head and still tries to deny it, “I don't—“

“Fingerprints were on the steering wheel.” Beto cuts her roughly.

Angela gapes enough to fit a mango through her mouth.

Beto goes on, “Here's the thing, you weird one: my boss allowed your lover to be forgiven, as long as he works here in the warehouse instead of staying inside the supermarket. If he accepts, William will turn a blind eye and drop the charge.”

Angela smiles pathetically, “Really? And then Josias says you're a bad person, William! Thank you so much for the mercy!”

William doesn't get carried away by the false compliment, “Just answer me one thing, bitch: why did you steal my car?”

“I just wanted to get away
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