Chapter 1589 Military Planning

On Wednesday, we have the release of Wallace Freire from the Cariacica Penitentiary.

Isabel was already wiping her tears with silk scarves that she bought thanks to her fat salary earned from the success of 'Love Just Happens'. Harold and Uélton maintain a serious posture. Flavia and Reuben just waited with a slight smile.

Josias was inside the premises talking to the prison director and taking care of all the bureaucracy for the release of the (friend?). He had promised to help his best friend's family.

The Freire family was waiting in the lobby. It was not a familiar environment, and the activity of police and inmates from time to time scared the ladies.

Reuben turns to Flavia, “Mom, can I be a cop when I grow up?”

“Son, if it's up to me, you'll never touch a revolver.” Flávia hugs her son tightly as if he were in danger.

Uélton turns to his son, “I thought you wanted to be an electrician like your old father.”

“I think I'm going to be a fisherman just like the gentlemen on the show
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