Chapter 1587 Complicated Return

Melissa is in her office getting ready to do more work. Isabel enters and starts a conversation with her.

“Izzy, how was that thing about you guys picking up Wallace from jail?” Melissa asks with interest.

Isabel responds smiling, “It's tomorrow, my dear. Harold went to the company to talk to Josias and ask for support.”

“Great.” Melissa nods, “Do you think Wallace will manage to stay out of trouble?”

“If two minxes stay out of town, my boy will recover,” Isabel responds with a grimace.

She will never forgive Pamela and Vera, the two vipers who destroyed Wallace's life.

Melissa is fearful, “I don't know, Izzy. The two wretched women will likely return to the city, eager to make love to him.”

Isabel purses her lips, then replies, “I wonder if they would still behave like bitches in heat. The last time I visited my son, he was very thin and malnourished, his hair and beard disheveled, and his eyes lifeless. That handsome guy from the 80s died thanks to them.”

Melissa nods, realizing the
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