Chapter 1593 I Take Back What I Said

William is outraged to be told by Daryl that Pamela wants to know about Wallace at all costs.

“That viper can't still the fire, eh? And her father is close by, but it's still useless. Roberto Reis, my manager, says she wants to take their daughter to the capital.”

Daryl wiggles, “And Mr. Reis has his two children?”

“Yeah. I'm with Caio and Miguel Damascene has Little Theo.” William scratches his head, “Jeez, that's a lot of babies this woman has given birth to!”

Daryl gets lost in the math, counting Pamela's children on his fingers, “Four total. That is if it no longer appears more babies in the capital.”

“For sure, she must already be sleeping with other guys there.” William looks at the clock on the restaurant wall, “I need to go to work. Thanks for the info, Daryl.”

“I thank you for reporting on Melissa and Kelvin.” Daryl smiles.

William, however, continues with a straight face, “Daryl, warn your brother to watch out for Josias. The imbecile got into the penthouse very easily, I th
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