Chapter 1594 A New Opportunity

In Gustavo's apartment, he is afraid to go to work in a role other than that of a stocker or packer at the supermarket. After he was released from the police station and William fulfilled his promise to withdraw the complaint, Angela told him about the condition.

Now he's walking into the apartment with the bag of bread and the new issue of Maggiezine. His fear doubled with the cover of the magazine. The radio is playing the song “Scream”, by Michael and Janet Jackson.

But Angela doesn't care about fearful men, “You can stop with that fearful face. You'll do just fine in the supermarket store. Who knows, maybe this will help you become more muscular and attractive...” She bites her lower lip, imagining a ripped and naked Gustavo.

Gustavo gets angry, “Do you only think about immoralities, woman? Something tells me I'm walking into a trap just trying to protect you.”

“I didn't ask you to lie about the car theft!” Angela picks up the bag of bread, “You were supposed to deny everything.”

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