Chapter 1595 We'll Talk

Wallace realizes that he has something wrong with asking about Uélton when he sees everyone upset.

“Did I drop the ball?” he asks fearfully.

“Not you, son.” Isabel replies, annoyed, “Your brother decided to be the prodigal's brother in reverse.”

“Why doesn't he want to forgive me?” Wallace narrows his eyes, “He wasn't directly affected by my crimes.”

“I think Uélton, as a father, fears that Reuben could be misled,” Josias answers wisely.

“This is nonsense.” Wallace defends himself, “I won’t teach my son to violate his wife on their honeymoon! In fact, I hope I never have to touch this subject again. I...” Wallace feels a lump in his throat, “I need to talk seriously with my little brother.”

Isabel's eyes were watery, “It's amazing, Wally. Someone else would have expressed hatred and rancor, but you willingly want to clear up the misunderstanding.”

“This is how it has to be, Mom.” Wallace answers determinedly, “I wasted nine years of my life away from you guys. I need to make up for th
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