Chapter 1600 He's Gone

Flávia and Uélton meet again at Harold's house to celebrate the acquisition of the new house.

Isabel was pouring glasses of mango juice for everyone. The living room radio was playing “Vulnerable” by Roxette.

“Do you have cake, grandma?” Reuben asks sweetly.

Isabel laughs, “Grandma has carrot cake in the kitchen, do you want it?”

Flavia stops him, “No, Izzy, this will spoil his appetite.”

Uélton, as always, releases and allows everything, “Ah, honey, we're going to eat right here. Let our heir have fun just for today.”

“Thanks, dad!” Reuben runs to the kitchen.

Flávia surrenders to the men in her life and smiles again, “And the best of all is that the house is not far from here. Just three blocks away.”

Wallace asks, “Does the house need renovation?”

Uélton turns to him, “No, bro, my wife didn't choose a ramshackle house.”

Flávia notices the discomfort and tries to fix it, “Well, there are some walls that need to be repainted.”

Harold offers, “Leave it to me. And Wallace can help.”

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