Chapter 1601 Marital Problems


Josias is taking the elevator up to the Mountain Penthouse. His face was serious and worried, trying to prepare himself to bring up a difficult subject to deal with. A personal and family affair, not exactly his family.

When he got into the hallway, he walked unhurriedly to the double doors and pressed the bell. The residents of the penthouse already knew he was coming.

With that, the door was opened. Melissa greeted him with the same concern visible on her face, “Good morning, Josias. Glad you can help us.”

“I don't know exactly what to do.” Josias enters. He noticed that the penthouse had undergone a renovation.

The wall with the radio and phone table is now orange, and the zebra-striped sofas have been replaced by more modern sand-colored ones.

On one of the sofas, Maggie is still in her nightgown and pink robe, with no makeup, looking like she has the flu, but in fact, she's been crying. Kelvin is sitting in the armchair that used to be Josias's.

“Good morning, everyone.” Jos
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