Chapter 1599 Her Client

In the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin enters after a day at the restaurant. He finds Alan and Caroline play of dancing country music to the song “Any Man of Mine” by Shania Twain.

Kelvin laughs, “Okay, looks like we're in a dance contest!”

“I'm teaching her, Kelvin,” Alan responds with a wink.

“And where is your mother?”

“She's writing in the office,” Caroline responds.

Kelvin lets the kids have fun and heads to the office.

There, Melissa is intent on writing more episodes of “Sweet Love.” Kelvin notices that his wife is typing too hard and her gaze is narrowed, expressing anger.

“Honey, are you writing a murder scene?” Kelvin closes the door.

“Only if I write a scene like that with Angela Souza to use real bullets!” Melissa presses 'enter' very hard, almost sinking the button.

Kelvin approaches her from behind and massages Melissa's shoulders, “Tell me what happened.”

“She tried to break into Rocha Constructions.” Melissa reports in outrage, “I went to say goodbye to my uncles and Ben, a
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