Chapter 1615 Tell Me the Truth

Wallace is mixing mortar for the masons to plaster the walls of one of the rooms. Unlike Uélton, Wallace masterfully operates the hoe.

Uélton arrives from behind and has the feeling of being passed over. He looks to the side and finds the battery-powered radio playing “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow.

“Hey, what's my little radio doing here?” He uses this as a lame excuse to keep bothering his older brother.

Wallace continues unabated, “It was already there. I turned it on.”

“And who permitted you? The radio is mine!” Uélton complains as if he were a tantrum child.

Wallace just smiles and straightens up, facing his younger brother.

“What's your problem?”

“The problem is that you are masterfully operating the hoe when Josias had to teach me from scratch,” Uélton reveals what's inside him.

“I wasn't born knowing that.” Wallace assures him, “I was taught yesterday.”

“But how do you manage? You are still rickety after spending nine years in the penitentiary.” Uélton doesn't give up
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