Chapter 1631 I Want to See Wally Again

Beto and Vera are going to talk in the office. Beto closes the door for fear that someone will see his straying sister.

“Is this shame of me?” Vera is always scoffing and joking, “Nobody will recognize me.”

“As you noticed, today we’ll have a farewell party for Cristina and Moacyr.” Beto angrily responds, “They're leaving for Victoria because Moacyr needs specialist treatment, and to stop Pamela from returning here. The ironic thing is that I asked them to look for you!”

“And why did you want to look for me?” Vera smiles.

Beto punches the desk, “Stop delaying, Vera! I know very well why you came back!”

Vera discards the mocking posture and takes a deep breath. When she speaks again, it's Vera's tone from before, “Yes, Beto. As seen, you already understood. I am aware that Wally is out of jail and is here.”

Beto grabs his hair in despair, “It's not possible, Vera! The man is trying to live a normal life and is constantly being watched over by Josias and his parents! You won’t be able t
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