Chapter 1632 Just As a Best Friend

Josias is surprised to hear from Angela that she intends to leave town.

“What's up? Everyone is leaving town.” He asks as if Angela is to blame for this.

Angela shrugs, “Looks like Lagoon City isn't the dream city everyone thought.”

“It is the city of dreams for the good citizen.” Josias pins her.

“OK, since I'm not welcome, I'd better go.” Angela takes a deep breath and takes courage, “I want to know how our son is going to be.”

Josias grieves, “Angela, David is missing you so much. If I tell him you're leaving, he'll want to go with you. He doesn't even know where Rio de Janeiro is. However, he created a mortal hatred of Gustavo Carvalho.”

Angela seems to think a lot about the decision she's going to make, “I understand. So in that case, tell him I'm going alone.”

Josias smiles slightly, “Angela, if you continue to take this Gustavo in tow, not only will I assume he's David's father, I'll cancel the alimony. Or, if you leave David with me and go with Gustavo to Rio, I'll get full cu
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