The Under-dog Billionaire

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The Under-dog Billionaire

By: Samuel Julius OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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what could life ever mean, if you have been living in darkness and pains without knowing your almost the richest man on the planet?

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  • Samuel Julius


    Nice storyline

    2023-03-10 20:59:24
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99 chapters
Chapter one
Reject, it's not like a novel but a diary, there are no attractive plots, quite normal.My monthly bonus for the first time has been cancelled which is not what you said in your previous email.Please I don't want to work with you again and meganovel again, I want to delete and terminate my contract on meganovel.Thank you for your understandingAnd I need a response don't just snub me.My monthly bonus for the first time has been cancelled which is not what you said in your previous email.Please I don't want to work with you again and meganovel again, I want to delete and terminate my contract on meganovel.Thank you for your understandingAnd I need a response don't just snub me.Reject, it's not like a novel but a diary, there are no attractive plots, quite normal.
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Chapter two
Making his way to the college square, Jeff dialled Ashley's number. Hoping she'll pick up his call.He called the first time. Her phone rang but no answer. He called the second and third time. The same result.When he called the fourth time, Ashley's number became unreachable. This only got Jeff scared and worried."Ashley! Why isn't she picking up? I hope what the guys said isn't true?" He tried again the fifth time. Racing for the college square."Sorry, the number you're calling is switched off," control stated."Damn it! Her phone is switched off," Jeff groaned frustratedly. Keeping his phone in his pocket and rushing to the square.He's about getting there when he noticed the crowds there. They were chanting the words 'Say Yes' loudly.Jeff 's heart sank with fear. He just wished and prayed that his friends were joking about what they claim they saw."Phill and Mike love to play pranks sometimes with me. I'm sure this is one of it. They must have seen someone else and assumed it'
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Chapter Three
Ashley's rich boyfriend chuckled mockingly at Jeff . Letting go off her waist and moving towards Jeff ."It's high time you accept the truth Jeff . Move on with your life, because I'll never be with you in your journey hopelessness," Ashley snapped, making her decision clear to Jeff .Jeff just gazed at Ashley, as she smirked proudly at him, with her hands on her waist.Ashley's rich boyfriend stood beside Jeff and scoffed. Jeff glanced at him then back at Ashley."It must hurt huh? To get rejected by the one you love so much. It's actually your fault Jeff or whatever your name is," the rich fellow whispered to Jeff ."The funny part of it all is that you and Ashley have been dating for long and have never had sex," he whispered and smirked at Jeff .Jeff 's eyes widened at Ashley's rich boyfriend. He found the latter grinning at him. Leaning his right arm on Jeff 's shoulder."What a terrible relationship I'll say. I'm still surprised that all these years that you two dated, Ashley i
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Chapter four
At the hospital, Jeff laid on the bed in one of the wards, unconscious.He was having a dream about Ashley and Trent being together and pushing him off a cliff to die. As he was falling off the cliff, the voice he heard before passing out came again. Repeating the same word like before."System linking to the subject. Linked successfully."The voice woke Jeff up immediately. He opened his eyes and groaned at the light from the ceiling, shining down on him."Geez! This light us too bright!" He complained. Trying to block it with his right hand."Guys, he's awake!" Mike alarmed Joe and Phill immediately.The three roommates were sitting beside him, waiting for the nurse to arrive with the doctor's report.That's when Mike heard Jeff muttering out while groaning. The trio were glad to see Jeff fine."Dude, you're alright. You almost gave us an heartache!" Phill expressed. Grabbing Jeff by the right hand.Jeff cleared his eyes blink by blink and gazed at his friends. "Guys? What happened
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Chapter five
Just as he's about to pick the card and give the nurse, another nurse showed up to inform the nurse that she was needed."I'll be back shortly," the nurse said, before leaving the room.Jeff sat on the bed, asking himself if all these was a dream. He still didn't want to believe what he was hearing or seeing."This must be some kind of dream. Me having billionaires I know nothing of. It's like saying the president has a dinosaur as a pet," Jeff doubted."Incorrect Jeff . Dinosaurs no longer exists in this era. Therefore, it's impossible for the president to possess such," the system corrected.Jeff groaned and placed his hands on his head. Trying to understand what exactly was going on.Just as he was doing that, Jeff 's phone suddenly rang out from where it was kept on a table, right beside him.He sighed and took the phone. Glancing at the screen that glowed.Jeff gasped when he recognized the name popping on the screen. JKC, was the name that popped up.It's what Jeff used in savin
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Chapter six
Joe, Mike and Phill were returning back into the hospital with the food they bought. They were talking and making their way to Jeff 's room."I told you that this one is for Jeff . For goodness sake man, you ate a burger out there at the burger stand!" Joe reminded Mike.Mike groaned and placed his hands inside his pocket. "I told you guys that I'm hungry. I had to carry JEFF on my back when he fell uncouncious. At least consider the strength that left me," He said and puffed out."Yeah we know you did all the work. I promise to get you something tomorrow. Right now the money we have left is for Jeff 's bill," Phill said to Mike.The three roommates arrived outside Jeff 's room. They opened the door and met their friend sitting on the bed.JEFF heard when the door came opened. He looked and saw his friends entering the room. "Hey! Look what we got," Joe announced, showing the nylon in his hand.JEFF smiled and said, "Waw! You guys got me something." He stood up from the bed, putting o
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Chapter seven
Why asking? Did the nurse tell you someone paid?" Phill asked, almost chuckling at Joe's face expression."Well Yes. I mean, she said JEFF paid the bill, so that's why I'm asking," Joe explained.On hearing this, Mike and Phill navigated their attention on Jeff . "You paid your bills yourself?" Mike asked Jeff .Seeing no other way out, JEFF nodded. "Yeah I did. The nurse came asking for the money, so I paid up," He said to them.Joe, Mike and Phill are surprised to hear this. "Jeff , where did you get the money to pay the bill?" Joe asked him."Well, I...I had some money in my account that I've been saving. I decided to pay my bill from there since the nurse kept giving me a creepy look," JEFF said, not telling his roommates the whole truth."But we promised we were going to pay the bills. We're sorry that you had to make the payment," Phill said, feeling upset.JEFF chuckled and told them it was fine. "It's okay. You don't have to feel bad. You guys have done so much for me and I re
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Chapter eight
The next morning, Joe, Mike and Phill were still asleep in the room. They snored out tiredly, until the sound of Phill's alarm came on. "I'm up! I'm up!" Mike yelled out from his sleep, sitting right up immediately. "Dude! Your alarm is too loud," Joe complained, sitting up as well and rubbing his eyes.Phill yawned and took hold of his phone. He turned off the alarm and sat up as well. "Sorry about that. But you should be thanking me," He said."For waking us up with noise? Yeah, thanks a lot," Mike said sarcastically to Phill. He too was rubbing his eyes.The three roommates sat up looking at one another. They yawned at the same time and glanced around the room. Looking for what to do and where to start from."Honestly speaking, I just to know where to start from or what to do at this very moment," Joe confessed, crossing his legs."Same thing here," Mike supported Joe. The three friends sighed and decided to stand and clean up.Just as they were standing, Mike glanced around the
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Chapter nine
Moments later, JEFF and his roommates sat to eat their breakfast. They were eating on the ground in circles."Can't remember when last we sat down like this to eat," Mike said, chewing his food.Joe responded to his statement. "That was last night. Don't tell me the food is making you loose your memory," Joe teased Mike.The others laughed at Mike. "Whatever dude. I'm just feeling excited that's all," Mike expressed, eating."Of course you will feel that way. You're Mike after all," JEFF said.Mike lifted his left hand up and gave them the peace sign. They immediately laughed at him. "The one and only," Mike boasted.Just as they were having fun eating and talking, Phill reminded them about their graduation party coming up soon."That's right. It's coming up next week Saturday. We still have like ten days to spend with each other," Joe said, pointing out."Yeah, ten more days to go. So this gathering is going to be our last as roommates huh?" Mike stated, glancing at his friends.They
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Chapter ten
Jeff moved in with his friends they did as if they didn't see Ashley and her companions.They moved to a particular area of the hall and started admiring the decorations "look at that side dude" mike said, looking at where the decorated names of all the graduating students.This looks nice legs go and find out what is there, they reached out to the point where they were looking at and started to check out their names, "see me, bro" Phil added Mike and joe all saw their names but couldn't see jeffs name "are you not graduating " mike said trying to mock Jeff, but Jeff kept his eyes on the board trying to make some sense out of the list.Both of his friends are shocked because his name was supposed to exist at the top of the list, how comes he out?They tried to check one more time and saw his name written with red ink at the top of the list, not even where other students' names were.In the end, joe tried to make some by telling them to go back and start something else that will help
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