Chapter 1655 Josias and Kate Get Engaged (3)

Katherine is disgusted by the confusion brewing among the Mountain family. She stands by the fiancé's side and tries to remedy the situation, “Guys, what's going on here?”

“This lady is making a fuss, Miss Bezerra,” Bernardo complains pointing at Shirley.

Katherine looks haughtily at Shirley, “Ma'am, we don't want to kick anyone out like a bouncer. Would it be too much to ask of you to behave yourself, not to overindulge in wine, and not to invent slander about your daughter?”

Shirley is going to insist she didn't slander Maggie, but she takes a deep breath, “I promise.”

“OK, so let's blend in with the rest of the guests,” Katherine advises as if it were an order.

Lisandro Torres is next to appear. He is dazzled by the luxury of the mansion and his eyes are comically wide.

“Miss Bezerra and Mr. Rocha, what a wonderful place! Surely, you are the hottest couple in town.”

“Thank you for coming, Mr. Torres.” Josias greets him more relieved.

“Oops, what is this? In here I am Lisandro, I am
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