Planned Baby

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Planned Baby

By: Annehyeong OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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What if you are successful but have no one to share? What makes a perfect plan? Penelope Quinn Cabello has a very successful career, but she has no family. No matter how successful her career was, she still felt empty. She felt like her life has no purpose; all her money and achievement were nothing because she has no one to share her success with. That's why she came up with a plan. She wants to have a child of her own. The only problem is that she has no boyfriend. She never had one, actually, but that fact will not stop her from fulfilling her plan.

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72 chapters
Flashing lights, loud music, and a large crowd. In the middle, you will see dancing bodies tangled together. You will also see people kissing and making out on the dance floor and on the tables.A typical scenario in a bar.I usually went here for social events and gatherings. I have my mini bar in my penthouse, so I don't need to go here.But tonight is an exemption. I am here with a mission.I visited an OB to have myself checked. And as per her, based on my period calendar, tonight is a high chance for me to get pregnant, and I don't want to miss it.I never had a boyfriend. I'm too focused on my career, and I had no time for love. Also, most of the guys were intimidated by my achievements.I'm an orphan. My parents died when I was 20 years old. I lost them on my graduation day. I graduated summa cum laude. I was about to have my speech when I received a call; it was from the hospital. My parents are on the way here when they met an accident. They were dead on arrival.At a very yo
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Two lines.I gently touched my belly. Finally!"Hi, baby! Thank you for coming into my life. I'm your mommy Ellie." I whispered.I didn't expect that I will be this emotional. Maybe because of the hormones. I can’t help but cry because of too much happiness.Finally, I will have someone to be with me.Finally, I will have someone I can share all my achievements with.It was almost two months after I went to that bar and met the guy who helped me fulfill my plan.I can't deny how gorgeous and hot that guy is. I did not regret that I have given him my virginity.I can still remember what happened that night.I remember the first time he entered me. I felt like he considered the fact that I'm a virgin. He was so gentle but full of passion.But that guy is insatiable and big. I didn’t know how did I survive after doing that with him. I can’t even count how many rounds we made.I was so thankful when finally he already felt exhausted, and he finally let me go. It’s not that I did not enjoy
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Unexpected Encounter
I can't contain the happiness that I am feeling right now. I have two children in my womb. Thank you, Lord! After my check-up, I first went to a drug store to buy my doctor-prescribed vitamins and milk.I also called my secretary to put my check-ups on my schedule."Wait! What do you mean by schedule on your OB? Who is pregnant?" My secretary Luna asked, a bit confused. Luna is not only my trusted secretary but also my best friend. I never had a close friend when I was in school. I was so focused on my studies and family that I had no time to make friends. And I am not regretting anything because I know that in the short time that I had spent my time with my parents, I knew that I was able to make the most of it. I first met Luna a year after I took over the company. I was so serious with my work. I never had time for myself. I'm also very strict when it comes to my employee. The reason why most of my employees are scared of me but Luna is different.Even if I keep on shouting a
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"You better tell me what the hell happen? How did you get pregnant? You don’t even have a boyfriend!” Luna asked me, almost hysterical. I just rolled my eyes. "Simple. I had a one-night stand.""What?! Y-you had w-what?!" Her eyes widen from what I said.I giggle upon seeing her reaction. “Stop giggling, Penelope Quinn, it’s not funny! How did you have a one-night stand when you don’t even go to a bar alone because you are allergic to people?!” My head hurts from all Luna’s rants. I don’t think she will stop interrogating me until I tell her everything. "I planned this pregnancy, okay?! You know that for six years I've been living alone. I miss my family. I want my family back, but I know that’s impossible to happen! I want to have a family of my own but with my attitude and achievements, do you think I will find a guy who is perfect for me?” I said frustratedly. Her face became serious, and she sat on the chair across mine. He held my right hand and gently pressed it. "Of cours
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LHI Resort
The truth is, I wanted now to back out from this project but I know I can’t. First of all, LHI was not a simple client. Second, I knew what Luna had gone through just to get this meeting. Third, I don’t want to give them a wrong impression about my company, CIC. And lastly, this project has nothing to do with what happened between me and their CEO. I shook my head. My twins were very good at choosing their father. Jace guided us to a conference type of room. We went straight to the door behind the office table. I already noticed this door a while ago. I thought it was a room specially prepared for their CEO, in case he will bring girls and have sex with them. He looks naughty and has many hookups. I really thought that having a one-night stand was already his hobby.I was really shocked when I saw the room behind his office table. As I said, it was a conference type of room. It has a long table, seven office chairs, and a 70” flat screen TV for presentation. I also notice that on th
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I felt Luna’s soft punch on my shoulder when we went inside the car.“Care to explain what happens after our meeting? What is with you and Mr. Escarrer? Do you guys know each other?” Luna asked me.It was very obvious that she was very curious about me and Mr. Escarrer.I actually asked myself if I will tell her the truth or not. As much as possible I wanted to keep this a secret."I don't want this project anymore!" I said instead of answering her.Her eyes widen and I got a soft punch again from her.“What are you saying?! Are you crazy?! You waited for this project with LHI for so long and now you are saying that?!” She said in disbelief.“Yes I wanted it before but now I am not sure.” I softly whispered but enough for her to hear.She raised her right eyebrow. “Is this because of Mr. Escarrer? You wanted to miss this kind of opportunity because of him. Tell me the truth, what is with you and Mr. Escarrer?”I just avoided her gaze and remain silent.“You really avoiding answering m
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I rolled my eyes to make him think that I am not affected by what he said. "Can you stop with your absurd idea?! If you want a baby, then go and find someone else to carry your child.” I hissed.“I don’t want to have a child yet okay? But if it happened then I don’t have a choice but to accept the responsibility. And also, I just said that because from your action right now, you look like a pregnant woman.” He said in defense. “It may also be because I was so stressed,” I said trying to defend myself and stop him from thinking that I might be pregnant.His forehead creased. "Are you stressed because of the LHI project?" He asked a bit worried."Well... it is one of the reasons. LHI is a big project, and everyone in the industry wants to get that project. Also, I always wanted to have a project with LHI.” Yes! He believed in my excuse. He became silent and seriously stared at me.I became nervous again. I thought he already bought my excuse but why did he become so serious all of
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Let's Talk
A month after our meeting with LHI, Luna gave me the good news.We got the project!I can't believe we got this project! Many companies applied for this project, and I can’t think that among all the companies, we got chosen!I can’t stop myself from thinking about the things that Ulie said to me while we were eating in the Korean-Japanese restaurant a few weeks ago.I grabbed my phone and started to call him. I need to ask him for my peace of mind."Have you heard of the good news?" He said upon picking up my call.I want to stay positive as possible. I keep on battling with myself that we won this project fair and square. Even if Ulie and I didn't happen, I'm still sure that we will get this project, that's how good my company is. But Ulie's tone on the phone right now made me question if there is no bias in their decision."Yes. But I want to ask something." It was evident from my voice that I’m suspicious of him."Let me guess? You would ask me if I declined the two companies I was
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I gave Ulie my penthouse address. This is the safest place to talk. I need to be careful, especially now that my pregnancy is the hottest issue now. The media are eager to get some scoop.If the media found out about my meeting with Ulie, they will surely assume that he is the father of my child. Though it's true, I want to keep it a secret for as long as I could.Everything is a mess. I was planning to go to the US, but because of the LHI project, that plan of mine slipped my mind.My initial plan was to stay in the US until I gave birth to my twins so that it will not be an issue.When I’m done giving birth, I will go back to the Philippines and let the media assume that my twins are adopted, though I won’t confirm or deny their assumption. I will just let them be. My plan was perfect, but I wasn’t able to execute it because of the LHI project.Now I'm starting to regret why did I choose Ulie. Now things got more complicated. I should have just picked another guy instead of him. But
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Twins Gender
Ulie’s parents will be here in the Philippines next month. He decided to introduce me and to tell our situation to them.The idea of meeting his parents makes me anxious.I don’t have any idea about Ulie’s fiance. I don't even know her name but I'm sure that whoever the girl is, she will surely come from affluent family. I may be considered a rich person but compared to Ulie’s wealth, I am nothing. I am not sure if his parents will accept me or not though I know it doesn't matter because it was not on my plan to marry Ulie. I don't know why meeting them makes me so nervous, I should be cool about it. But maybe the reason of my nervousness is because I was the reason why Ulie can't marry the girl that they chose for him. Two weeks passed after Ulie found out about my pregnancy.I must commend him because I never expected that he would support me with my pregnancy.Ulie is visiting me in my penthouse to bring all my food cravings almost everyday. No matter how late I call him to buy m
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