Chapter 1684 Daryl and Diane get married (4)

Daryl and Diane walk down the church steps in a rain of rice. They go laughing to the limousine that waits for them with the sign on the bumper that says ‘just married’.

After they leave, Vernon gestures, and reporters and photographers proceed to interview all the guests before they move into the ceremonial space.

Josias is the main target, “Well, Mr. Rocha, we can say that you are happy with the happiness of Mr. Mountain right now, huh?”

“And why wouldn't I be?” Josias asks with mild sourness, “I wish Daryl and Diane the best.”

“Even if it means the happiness of his brother and his ex-wife?” A journalist asks indiscreetly.

Josias wraps his arm around Katherine's waist and pulls her closer to the cameras, “Right now, my main concern is with this girl here.”

“Miss Bezerra, how does it feel to be the next Mrs. Rocha? Are you aware that you will be as powerful as the future mayor's wife?”

“Yes, and like her, I am prepared to take on such a role,” Katherine responds in a charismatic way.
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