Chapter 1687 Bitter Memories

Wallace remembers the day he was arrested. The year was 1986 and he was on the run from the police. After arguing with Isabel, Harold entered the room where he was being registered.

Harold fades his smile. Then he enters the room.

Wallace looks up and is surprised to find his father. “Wow, did you come too? How did you know I came?”

“How did we know you were captured as a fugitive criminal?” Harold slams the door and approaches his son exuding hatred, “You ask 'how did I come', like it's the most normal thing in the world for you to go to a police station to be booked!”

“Father, please—“

Harold doesn't listen and slaps his son. “You mean you're macho enough to make your mother cry in disgust? Is that what you are? You mean a handsome, attractive man like you needs to force a woman to have sex with you?”

Wallace has mixed emotions. Could it be that Isabel was the 'good cop' and Harold is being the 'bad cop'? “Dad, don't talk like I'm proud. I didn't want things to end like this.”

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