Chapter 1688 Who Was That Mourner?

Shirley is the only character in this book to be happy today. Not knowing what's going on, she bakes her shortbread cookies for tomorrow while whistling Roxette's song “June Afternoon”.

Suddenly, the radio interrupts the song to give the news, “We interrupt our programming to break urgent news: Harold Freire, the husband of writer Isabel Freire, has died at the age of 69. Mr. Freire was found dead in his sleep at his home this Sunday morning. Doctors say the death was of natural causes. The wake is being held—”

Shirley turned off the radio, shocked by the information. She followed 'Love Just Happens' and admired Isabel's work.

The door opens and Francisco comes in without knocking again.

“Oh no, woman! For the second time, I find you unprepared to leave!”

Shirley purses her lips, then defends herself, “If you're talking about Mr. Freire, I just heard the news on the radio.”

“What a horror, Shirley!” Francisco is not convinced. He is also in black clothes, “Everyone has already gone to
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