Chapter 1689 Trying To Understand the Connection

Days later, Daryl and Diane returned from their honeymoon only to learn that there was a funeral while they were out having fun.

“Oh my God!” Diane exclaims and turns purple with embarrassment. They're in their apartment, “Kelvin, tell me that's a lie!”

“Why would I lie on such a subject?” Kelvin justifies himself.

“OK, forgive me.” Diane puts the suitcases on the sofa, “It just seems shameful that while we were having fun, the Freire family was in mourning.”

“We can visit them.” Daryl decides. He turns on the radio and The Offspring's song “Gonna Get Away” fills the living room.

Melissa sits on the sofa and notices the suitcase, “You didn't go to Acapulco with that suitcase, correct?”

Diane smiles, “No, I got back with her. She has gifts and souvenirs that I bought during the trip.”

“Cool. I hope everything went as you had hoped.” Melissa smiles.

“Everything went wonderfully.” Daryl comments, “The plane didn't crash, the cruise we were on didn't sink, I didn't get seasick and everyon
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