Chapter 1694 Josias Is Not Contrary

The next issue of Maggiezine had Melissa on the cover, with the announcement of her pregnancy engraved in bold letters: 'Melissa Montanha is pregnant and tells us in detail what it's like to be a mother for the third time!'

Josias was at the newsstand next to Crystal Blue and he smiled at the news. So he looks at the restaurant and decides to see how things are doing.

Upon entering, Frederick meets him, “Mr. Rocha! How are you, sir?"

“I think I already asked you to call me Josias.” He greets him good-naturedly, “I'm fine.”

“I could never disrespect you.” Frederick humbly replies, “The boss is in his office.”

“I wanted to talk to Kelvin. He is here?"

Kelvin enters after being mentioned, “Good morning! Wow, we have a distinguished visitor.”

Josias turns to him, “Kelvin, I still haven't congratulated Melissa on her pregnancy. I saw the cover of Maggiezine and thought I'd make amends.”

Kelvin smiles, “We were worried about your reaction. Bernie said he had to ask you for permission to pub
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