Chapter 1693 The New Mayor

The election is over. Tobias Ibrahim is elected as the next mayor of Lagoon City for the next four years.

Josias was present at the arena where the vote count took place. When the victory was confirmed, everyone who was with the inaugurated mayor celebrated with champagne and fireworks.

But Josias's joy was not complete when he saw Renan Vasconcelos among them. Beside him, there was a girl in a provocative, low-cut dress. Was it her...?

He puts those moments out of his mind for now. What matters now is greeting the new mayor, “Congratulations, Tobias! May your governance be as wonderful as your father's, bringing happiness and prosperity to the citizens of Lagoon City.”

“Thank you so much, my friend Josias, for supporting me!” Tobias could have taken off to the moon with so much happiness, “This victory is yours too!”

“Good, let’s all be blessed!” Josias whispers in his ear, “Just don't trust that Mr. Vasconcelos.”

Tobias just chuckles, thinking Josias was joking.

Our hero is not sati
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