Chapter 1699 Breaking Up on Christmas Eve

Wallace pretends he's yawning because Vera remains silent and doesn't say a comma about what's going on.

“Woah... Well, Vera, I'm on my day off, so I want to rest.”

“This is so unfair...” Vera murmurs, “You should open the door, let me in, and finally have your first night of passionate lovemaking with me as you've always wanted.”

“What night, you crazy girl?” Wallace laughs, “It's still daylight, it's nine in the morning!”

“I know, Wally, and I need to get back to my dad's building. Beto will realize that I didn't come back.”

“Are you living in your father's building? How can you face his portrait without feeling guilty?”

Vera swallows her pride, “I... I try, Wally. I think my father has already forgiven me from Heaven.”

“Certainly, in paradise, there is no hatred and resentment.” Wallace hardens his face, “But here on Earth, we still hate and resent each other, so I will never forgive you, Vera. I almost missed the opportunity to reconcile with my father. It was God who wanted me ou
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