Chapter 1707 Shirley Gone Away

Francisco enters Shirley's apartment and is surprised by the open door.

“Shirley? The door was open! Where are you?”

The apartment was silent, making Francisco afraid. Did something happen with his sister-in-law and his ex-girlfriend?

Francisco remembers the day he broke up with Shirley. After he went to his apartment, she tried to go back to reason with him.

“Frank, you weren't serious. We cannot part if we love each other madly!”

“Do you love me, Shirley?” He snaps back, “So you swear never to be that annoying, nasty woman again? Do you promise to make peace with Maggie and forget about this theory that Henry is Jack Motta's son? My daughter is dating the guy and you offend her with that insinuation!”

“It's not innuendo, Frank, it's rock-solid truth!”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?” Francisco roars.

Shirley takes two steps back and replies in an uncertain tone, “I just know. I know my daughter.”

“It seems to be the other way around.” Francisco shakes his head, “You don't know Margareth. So
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