Chapter 1722 Taking Advantage

At Pizzeria Campos, a photographer from Maggiezine is photographing various corners of the place while Maggie takes care of the interview. William and Caio are smiling and collaborative.

“Mr. Campos...”

“Call me Will.” William jokes.

“OK... Will, how do you feel about this new venture?”

“I feel fulfilled. My last job was not giving me motivation and I decided to take a chance on a new adventure.”

Maggie nods and brings the tape recorder closer, “I heard you have a pizza maker from Italy, is that true?”

William chuckles, “Tommaso's grandparents immigrated from Italy and came with tradition in their veins. I am very happy to have him as a helper.”

“What about you, Caio? Do you intend to carry on with the business when your father retires?”

“Certainly,” Caio responds politely, “I won't need to look for a job anymore.”

The adults laugh, even the photographer.

Maggie looks around, “I admit the pizzeria looks beautiful and well-built. Was it the company I'm thinking of?”

William replies, st
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