Chapter 1725 - Calling Detective Amoreira

Thursday. At the Rocha mansion, the Paes family is packing.

Katherine is shocked to discover that she will lose Ernesto and Lilian. Sarah is also disappointed.

“Mommy, when are we coming back here?” Sarah asks tearfully.

“When your grandmother is well, my daughter.” Lilian sagely responds, “Let's pack your bags.”

Katherine accosts her in the hallway, “Lilian, we are so sorry about your mother. You don't want me to visit or help you financially?”

Lilian already knows the story told by Ernesto, “It's not necessary, missus, thank you very much. Your fiancé is already taking care of everything.”

Katherine sighs, “My fiancé... you won't be at my wedding.”

“Unfortunately, but that's life.” Lilian nods hopelessly. What should you do when someone who could endanger Josias's life appears out of nowhere?

Katherine walks away with Sarah. Ernesto approaches Lilian.

“So, is she convinced yet?”

“I think so, darling. Really, I am very sorry to have to leave as if we were guilty of something!” Lillia
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