Chapter 1724 Sick Mother-in-law

Ernesto enters Josias's office. The owner of Rocha Constructions notices the secretary's worried face.

“Ernie, did something happen to my son?”

“No, but something happened to my family.” Ernesto sits in the visitors' seat, “Boss, it’s with immense regret that I announce my departure.”

Josias is extremely shocked. What?

“Ernesto, this is not the time for jokes. I'm a very busy man—”

“I would never play with something like that, Josias Rocha.” Ernesto retorts with some sourness, “Lilian’s mother is in poor health and my wife is extremely worried.”

“Lilian can go alone.” Josias tries to resolve the situation.

But Ernesto shakes his head, “No, boss. How is my wife going to help with just the two of them? My father-in-law has passed away. Her younger brother is living in São Paulo. He could help, but until he arrives... but my wife is closer. My mother-in-law lives in Vila Velha.”

“Well, not so far away...” Josias is dissatisfied, “But Ernesto, are you saying goodbye at once? Is it not a t
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