Chapter 1726 My Responsibility

In the Mountain Penthouse, Kelvin is waiting for Melissa to tell him. She is worried about distressing her husband.

Kelvin walks over to her and takes both of her hands, lovingly, “What's so serious that you had to talk to Josias first?”

“Kelvin...” Melissa says cautiously, “I called Josias about what his stepdad said yesterday.”

“Honey, now you have alarmed a businessman for no reason.” Kelvin does not take the matter in the same importance.

“Do you think we should expect Mr. Vasconcelos to kidnap me?” Melissa asks in a panic.

“Hey, don't be like that, honey!” Kelvin hugs her, “Remember I want to save you all the stress. You're pregnant, you need to calm down.”

“It sounds like you're more concerned about the babies than me.” Melissa is sorry.

“Stop it, it's not true.” Kelvin warns her, “I won’t allow foreign affairs to spoil our peace. Are you going to LCN today?”

“I have to go, today is Izzy's leaving party,” Melissa explains.

The hug is broken and Kelvin responds, “OK, but promise
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