Chapter 1729 Ivan Investigates

A few more days passed. Josias is still uneasy about the little importance that Sergeant Moraes gave him at the police station regarding Renan. In the dining room, Katherine is serving breakfast in Lilian's place.

“Honey, you are at liberty to hire new servants for the mansion. Lilian must be missed.” Josias smiles at her, trying to distract himself from the disgust.

“We still have the cook who helps us.” Katherine smiles back, “And I like serving my husband. I want to strengthen our bonds.”

“What about me, mommy?” J.J. asks smartly.

Katherine giggles and sets the cereal in front of him, “It's chocolate. Eat everything to grow and become strong.”

“Nice!” J.J. enjoys breakfast.

Katherine sits down next to her husband, “So what's the police station's response?”

Josias gets pissed off again, “I can't get over that police officer insulting me!”

“I think he's swamped with things to do and couldn't give you more attention.” Katherine tries to see the colorful side of the situation.

“And wha
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