Chapter 1730 Dazzled by Fame

Bernardo takes Isabel's manuscript as if she were touching the Holy Supper's holy chalice.

“Mrs. Freire... you already wrote your manuscript! How fast was that?”

“I can't wait any longer, otherwise, life slips through my fingers.” Isabel talks like a poem.

Maggie giggles, “None of that, Izzy, you'll live many years yet.”

“God hear you.” Isabel looks anxiously at Bernardo, “I can see that my book will please.”

Bernardo places the manuscript on his desk, “I will take care of this precious thing, Mrs. Freire.”

Maggie wonders, “Are you gonna read it?”

“Exactly. Our #1 female writer deserves the best treatment.” Bernardo grins.

Maggie shrugs. She is very busy with the Maggiezine business.


At Simeon's house, William made the atmosphere so gloomy that Dora decided to turn off the radio.

William continues to neigh, “Well then, Vera, pack your bags and stop sullying at my parents' house.”

“And who says I'm soiling anything?” Vera retorts.

“You haven't been bringing your ‘clients’ into m
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