Chapter 1728 The Tough Sergeant

Josias and Amoreira were still in the detective's office when an officer opened the door.

“Detective Amoreira! We have information from the kidnapping department. Vera Reis called denouncing industrialist Renan Vasconcelos!”

Josias smiles satisfied, “Finally, she made the right decision!”

“OK, but now it's not me anymore, right?” He turns to Josias, “Mr. Rocha, you better accompany this young man to speak with the officer in charge of the investigation.”

“Thank you so much for helping this far, Detective.” Josias extends his hand.

Amoreira shakes hands with Josias, “It’s a pleasure to serve old friends.”

“Follow me, sir, please.” The officer gestures for Josias to follow him.

He goes to the kidnapping department, a section of the precinct where pre-assigned officers handle these cases specifically, as well as the homicide department and the drug trafficking department. Everything at the station is well organized since Ibrahim's tenure.

The new officer opens the door to Sergeant Ivan M
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