Chapter 1731 The Bandit Is Detained

Josias enters Rocha Constructions and finds Tiago and Alfred toasting cups of coffee in the kitchen.

“Finally justice has been done!” Tiago proclaims, “Now our wives can rest easy!”

“I don’t have a wife yet, but I share the same opinion!” Alfred adds mockingly.

Josias is surprised, “Hey, what's going on here? What is the reason for the celebration?”

Tiago turns to Josias, exulting, “Master! Didn't you listen to the radio? They arrested Mr. Vasconcelos!”

Josias is not immediately excited. He pours himself a coffee, “I don't think he got arrested. What must have happened is that he was generously referred to the police station to provide clarification. A kind of preliminary hearing for the initial investigation. If they see that the imbecile has answered something worthwhile, they can temporarily detain him.”

Alfred is dismayed, “What if the idiot manages to answer the questions in his favor? Are the police going to release him?”

“Sadly, yes.” Josias takes a drink, “But how did they get
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