Chapter 1737 Josias Still Cares

At Rocha Constructions, the new secretary gets up to take Josias's jacket.

“Good day, sir. Was your expedition unsuccessful?”

“Unfortunately, you can say that.” Josias grumbles, “Our mayor has his career in jeopardy because of a maniac. Is Tiago present?”

As if arranged, Tiago, Wallace, and Uélton appear together.

“I was asking about you, Tiago. Where were you?” Josias asks him.

“Master, we better go to your room. You will need some chamomile tea.”

“There's already that tea in the kitchen.” The secretary promptly leaves to fetch a cup.

“Thank you, Pollyanna.” Tiago leads the visitors to the presidential room.

The four gentlemen enter the enclosure, Wallace being the last to close the door.

“What else happened, Tiago?” Josias asks in a distressed way, “Your countenance already betrays the next bad news.”

“Master...” Tiago sits in the visitors' seat, “Melissa Mountain is in the hospital.”

Josias widens his eyes to the fullest. Wallace realizes how his friend still cares about his ex-wif
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